Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In color

How much color can you handle?

How manmade outlines define, aesthetics for a particular country.

Why east is saturated with primary color strokes whereas west is settled in monochrome.

Seeing other directions, why south absorbs more color than north?

Why South India, South America and South Europe are better dipped in color than their northern counterparts?

Hard to say.

Far fetched, but, Eastman color Molly wood sensibility has something to do with Spanish toreros (South Europe).

Sounds weird but what seems like a vague pattern might be a byproduct of several factors in play.

Is it compensation for otherwise morose, painful, torturous or simply arduous third world life; or it depends on the deep rooted cultural aesthetics where absolutely nothing exists in monochrome. Cultures which are close to nature in terms of agriculture, wildlife or substantially rural; are maybe more likely to relate with plethora of colors as compared to societies permanently advanced to man made facilities.

It requires courage to wear yellow where as grey might comfortably blend you in the concrete urban setup, stating nothing about you, your mood, your personality or taste. Though black somehow manages to speak power, sex and mourning;

it still fits in with the comfort zone of western modular man, without shouting any exceptional sentiment.

India is full of color.

Unabashed, theatrical, kitsch and kaleidoscopic colors.

We are colorful people. And we are known for being so.

No one can question our sense of rainbow.

At home, in ceremonies, in food, in religion and in fashion; yesterday, today and tomorrow; we will always remain in color.

And you need not go to Rajasthan, to get a glimpse of how elephants managed to be dressy without Manish Arora.

Every city, every red light, has its share of a beggar girl, dressed in tattered yellow, or her mother in dirty pink sari. Literally dirty.

But these colors are speechless.

They still don't speak anything about them, their mood, their personality or taste. They exist in their life without consciousness and without shouting any sentiment.

They aren’t happy or sad. They are part of them.

Just like a Rajasthani elephant that is not aware of the scarlet Teeka on his forehead. (

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