Saturday, December 4, 2010

I cried.
I played.
I learned some lessons
to vomit for grades.
I fell in love.
I tried to believe.
This is the one.
The reason to live.
I touched myself.
I acknowledged lust.
Something like hunger
they call it thirst.
I was told to work.
I had to earn.
To be someone.
I had to learn.
I fell again.
Never rose in love.
Was close to lust.
Thought it was above.
I tried to fight.
I surrendered the will.
I messed with love.
Felt clever still.
It comes back.
I learned to see.
I could no longer speak.
I could no longer see.
I missed to learn.
How to forgive.
What to forget.
Whom to forgive.
I learned betrayal
I fell from grace.
Sportsman spirit
To face disgrace.
I learned to gulp sorrow.
I learned to fake.
I learned no tomorrow
Is there to make.
I realised no love.
I realised no promise.
I found no love.
I found no promise.
And when I died.
I was clever no more.

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